• From the time you step on this magical tour bus, you are transformed. The stories, the songs, the MUSIC... AND THE SCENERY! There is simply nothing like this in Nashville! You hear these songs on the radio but once you hear the STORIES behind the songs... they take on a new meaning. When else can you visit a Music Row local pub WITH the professionals and hear their stories? This is a tour you can take multiple times and will have a different experience each and every time. Different writers, different artist's, different people. Learn about the history of Music Row from the pros. Wow. I cannot say enough!! Note... this is not a party bus though you can bring your own alcohol. You HAVE to be respectful of the writers. If you are wanting to catch up with old friends, do it elsewhere. It is a major no-no in Nashville to be talking while a writer is performing their songs for you. They pour their heart and soul onto paper so you can fully understand it and they are deserving of your attention during this time. It does not matter if you are at The Bluebird, Puckett's or on a park bench... if a songwriter is singing their song to you, you listen. Others are on this bus to hear the music, also, so please be respectful. You will have so much fun that two hours will not seem like enough time... but you could do it again with different writers! I cannot wait to go back! Do not forget to tip your guides. They are working hard to be sure you have a great time so please be generous!
    Stacy H
    Jupiter, Florida
  • Loved this authentic experience and couldn't recommend this more to anyone visiting. The stories, music and people were the highlight of an amazing long weekend in Nashville. Will do this again (and again) as no two tours will ever be the same. Do it!
    Geoff S
    Toronto, Canada
  • Songbird Tours was AWSOME! We had randomly heard about this tour from someone in Antigua, of all places. We didn't know that it just started up about a week ago. The concept is great; very authentic and original. This is Trey Bruce's baby and it's not to be missed!! He's a songwriter who had this idea, kind of like The Bluebird Cafe on wheels, as a tour, with live performances, but also giving you the background history of Music Row, and the Nashville music scene. It's intimate, and personal and unlike anything else we have ever experience on a "tour". I wish Trey and all his performers the best of luck with this incredible concept. I know it will soon be the hardest ticket to score in town.
  • I am new to the Nashville area so this was a really awesome way to learn about Music Row's history. The songwriters were EXCELLENT at answering all the questions. Trey Bruce was very knowledgeable and had an amazing line up of songs to perform. It was pretty awesome having the person that helped write songs I know perform them in front of us. Paulina Jayne has an amazing voice and has some great songs of her own. Definitely, recommend this tour for any music lover.
    Nashville, TN
  • This tour was amazing, very informative and so much fun! I learned a lot from Nashville, even though I have been here for almost 9 years. Paulina Jayne and Trey Bruce were very friendly and extremely talented. Loved to hear their stories on how they became songwriters and artists. It was a fantastic experience, my co-workers and I had a blast. I will definitely take my family on this tour when they come to Nashville to visit from Texas!
    Nashville, TN
  • What an incredible time my son and I had on this tour. The songwriters experience extravaganza. This tour really gave a snapshot of the history of country music and the art of songwriting. Where in Nashville could you spend a couple hours on the bus with hit songwriters and have an incredible time. We walk away feeling more knowledgeable about the history of country music in Nashville while staying cool on a cool bus with cool people I recommend this tour to locals looking for something fun to do in Nashville for a couple hours or for tourist looking to learn a little bit more about country music and what the draw to Nashville . Wow again !! incredible talent incredible songs incredible people !!! thanks Songbird tours ... we will be back.
    Charlotte M
    Nashville, TN
  • Spent a wonderful two hours Sunday afternoon nestled in a comfortable seat on a luxury tour bus while touring some historic sites around Nashville. But that wasn't the best part! On board were two successful songwriters entertaining us with behind the scenes stories and renditions of their songs, famous and about to be. My 16-year-old granddaughter loved hearing the songs and stories. I will definitely go back because, with two different songwriters, the stories and songs will change with each trip.
    Cathy G.
    Nashville, TN
  • Nothing comes close to this experience. Thanks for an amazing afternoon, you have a winner.
    Alice T.
    Knoxville, TN
  • The real deal. It was fun to get up close to two such talented songwriters and hear their versions of some of their hits. I enjoyed the history (and some fun gossip) of some of the iconic buildings on Music Row and the stop at the Idle Hour gave us a cool glimpse into a songwriter bar as well as access to a cold, cheap beer!
    Fred P.
    West Palm Beach, FL
  • So entertaining and so much fun to hear what inspired the writers of a few of my favorite songs! Also enjoyed learning how Music Row earned its name and touring that area as well as the honky tonk areas of downtown from an air-conditioned bus on a hot summer’s day.
    Lee R.
    Wheeling, WV

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