NSAI 50 Years of Songs

Patsy Bruce

Now I know what all those writers and artists meant when they said “I am just happy to be “nominated” or “to be invited.” This is a picture of what I am talking about – NSAI 50 Years of Songs. To be invited to the Ryman tonight to celebrate what SongBird Tours celebrates everyday – songs and the songwriter – was so awesome. In fact, they are in the middle of the party before walking over to the Ryman to tape the special right now. That walking part is the issue.

But I’m stuck at home with my bum leg elevated to keep the swelling down- missing all of it. If I were there I’d be sitting on the Main Floor Section 3 row//G Seat 8. So looks like the seat fillers (those are the guys and gals you see on television award shows rushing in to fill empty seats while the stars go to tape their part or go to the bathroom) have good seats!

I know the show will be awesome because NSAI does good work and so does sponsor Regions Bank. Thanks for helping the world know who wrote the songs. Take one of the SongBird Tours and we’ll show you where they wrote them.

Enjoy your night while I bemoan my knee meeting the wet floor!

See you soon.

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